Best New England Ice Cream

We love ice cream as much as you. That’s why we start with fresh milk from Crescent Farm located just 3 miles down the road from our Walpole, New Hampshire facility. The Jersey Cows at Crescent Farm provide our base mix with a 1% boost of milk fat over Holsteins which makes our Sweet Cream base richer and creamier. Together we create an ice cream that is a throw-back to an era when each batch of ice cream was made the same day from fresh all-natural ingredients. Try it and taste the difference!

Local & All Natural Ice Cream

Only the very best ingredients go into our award-winning ice cream. From hormone and antibiotic-free milk and cream to non-GMO cane sugar, our small batch process ensures quality in each pint. Savor all-natural ingredients like sweet maple syrup, tart rhubarb, and plump blueberries you can only get straight from the farms that surround us. It’s like a taste of New England in every spoonful (or lick) of our ice cream.

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Wholesale Ice Cream

We are proud to be one of only a very few ice cream makers in the country which can truly call their ice cream ALL NATURAL and SUPER PREMIUM. Learn more about how you can carry this fine brand in your store.

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