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Walpole creamery ice cream – The best from the start

Locally Sourced

Walpole Creamery, Ltd. (the “Creamery”) was established in 2006 in Walpole, New Hampshire. The Creamery produces award-winning, locally sourced, small batch, all-natural, super premium ice cream at its production facility at 532 Main Street in Walpole starting with fresh Jersey milk from Crescent Farm in Walpole.

Sweet Cream Base Mix
Mint Chip

Proprietary Base

While most “local” ice cream makers buy their base mix from large commercial producers, we make ours from scratch using only local, hormone and anti-biotic-free milk. We know where our cows are located! Our base mix is marketed as our Sweet Cream flavor – a favorite of bakers as it does not detract from the flavors of the baked goods it rests upon.

Our Double Dutch Chocolate ice cream is crafted by cooking rich, premium Dutch cocoa powder right into our base mix, allowing the flavors to blend and deepen.  This results in a dense, intensely satisfying chocolate experience, superior to that of any chocolate ice cream on the market today.

Super Premium

Super Premium is not a title we made up. There are actually several recognized grades of ice cream based on the quality of the ingredients, the amount of overrun (air) in the product, and the milk fat content of the final product. Standard ice cream is 10% milk fat and generally 100% overrun.  Our ice cream is over 16% milk fat with 25% overrun. 

Wholesale Flavors

Ten regular and Three seasonal flavors: The Creamery produces 10 regular and 3 seasonal flavors from its sweet cream and chocolate small batch, all-natural base mixes.

In addition to Sweet Cream, Double Dutch Chocolate, Tahitian Vanilla, and Real Maple Walnut the Creamery produces the following regular flavors:

Our Strawberry ice cream is a rich creamy blend of our Sweet Cream base mix and strawberries soaked overnight in our own simple syrup. Our Fijian Ginger is produced using organic, fair-traded ginger bits from Fiji. Our Cookies N Cream contains Newman’s Own organic, cream sandwich cookies. Our Mocha Chip is blended using a rich real coffee and Dutch cocoa slurry that our staff creates for each batch. Our Mint Chip uses natural peppermint extract and no artificial coloring. Our Coffee is an all-natural coffee blended into our Sweet Cream base mix.

Our rotating seasonal flavors are:  

Peppermint Cream Nov/Dec/Jan

Real Maple Cream Feb/March/Apr

Toasted Coconut Jun/July/Aug

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All-natural is also a title we carry with pride. Our ice cream meets the non-GMO standards set by the State of Vermont in 2016 and we are marketed in local co-ops and have been accepted into Wholefoods as an all-natural product. What you get is high-quality, all-natural ingredients – which are locally sourced as much as possible. For example, the maple syrup for our Real Maple Walnut ice cream comes from the Twin Spruce Farm right here in Walpole.
The shelf life of our ice cream is 10 months.
The minimum order is one pallet, which is 160 cases, 720 pounds The case dimensions are 11 inches long, 7 inches deep, and 4 inches high.
Yes, we pride ourselves on using our own Sweet Cream and Dutch Chocolate base mixes. This ensures high quality and care in each pint.


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