From the Cow to the Cone

From Cow to Cone

“From Cow to Cone”  What does it mean?  More than a slogan, this is what makes our ice cream truly unique. Walpole Creamery crafts its own proprietary Sweet Cream base mix using only fresh, hormone and antibiotic-free milk from Elm Island Farm right here in Walpole, NH, and fresh, hormone and antibiotic-free cream from Vermont.  Our 100% pure New Hampshire maple syrup comes from Twin Spruce Farm also here in Walpole.  We control our ingredients right from the start, and use our base mix as the building block for all of our artisanal, small batch flavors.  We use only natural flavors and ingredients, and are classified as an all-natural product in Whole Foods stores.  Our Super Premium ice cream also qualifies for the Vermont non-GMO standard.


Looking over Elm Island Farm

Fresh, fresh, fresh!

In late July every year, Bobby Dorman, our ice cream maker, and Rob Kasper, our President, drive all the way to Bird in Hand, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to get fresh peaches from Kauffman’s Fruit Farm.  The peaches are blanched, peeled and cored the next day and are steeped overnight in our own non-GMO cane sugar simple syrup. Then it’s time to swirl them into our Sweet Cream base to make our seasonal Fresh Peach ice cream. In August, we drive to the coast of Maine to obtain fresh, wild blueberries which we blend with a pure lemon extract to make our seasonal Wild Blue Lemon ice cream.  Wild Blue Lemon, like our Brown Sugar Rhubarb ice cream, is only available at our Keene and Walpole parlors and only for the limited time that the fruit is in season.

Not just anyone can use “Super Premium!”

Walpole Creamery is also one of the few super premium ice creams being produced for wholesale distribution, meaning that our ice cream meets the government’s super premium standard of 16% milk fat content. That makes ours the creamiest ice cream you can buy, and the only one prepared locally in small, 1500 pint batches.  Walpole Creamery – From Cow To Cone.

Editor’s Note: As of 6/14/2018 Our milk is now being sourced by Cresent Farm in Walpole N.H.

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